Business Description  

Great Nations, Inc., was formed to provide upper level management and financial cost control for four subsidiaries; The Houston Concrete Company; Houston Pre-Cast Plant; CENTEX Concrete Pipe Company, and Afflolter Contracting Company, Inc. Great Nations, Inc. will be in control of all aspects of each plant from the purchase of raw materials to the manufacturing of technologically advanced end products.

The Houston Concrete Company will supply concrete to the Houston Pre-Cast Company for manufacturing of precision Pre-Cast walls which are used in building high rise commercial buildings and state-of-art home construction. The Houston Concrete Company will also supple CENTEX Concrete Pipe Company with raw material for its pipe manufacturing plant. Great Nations, Inc. will also supply The Afflolter Contracting Company with all of its preformed concrete materials and related supplies.

With Great Nations, Inc. having the ability to provide concrete, sand, & gravel to all four subsidiaries, we will be able to cut manufacturing and supply costs, therefore showing a greater profit than would have been realized individually. Our staff, who has built everything from Pre-Cast concrete manufacturing plants, banks, shopping centers, high rise office buildings, high rise condominiums, to houses all over Texas and Louisiana will be constantly monitoring the manufacturing of all products and meeting with builders to insure high quality control and communication.

We will procure a large area of land in the Columbus, Texas area which is located on Interstate 10 at Highway 71. The Houston Concrete Company, The Houston Pre-Cast Company and CENTEX Concrete Pipe Company will all be located on the same plot of land. This location was strategically selected due to it's proximity to the 3 major construction centers within Texas; Houston, San Antonio-Austin Area, and Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This location has the advantage of being located on a major interstate highway and has access to the railroad.

This start-up company represents a wonderful opportunity for Great Nations, Inc. to incorporate all aspects of the concrete related industry together.

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